1172 Yhivi

1173 Antonia Sainz

1174 Taissia Shanti

Shoot Location: San Giovanni D'asso, Italy

Scene 1

Sainz join the Baptist. ITC Favorite 11:56

This pool scene certainly has a relaxing ambience with a non stop sounds of birds and trickling water in the remote Italian countryside. Antonia squirms around lots as she poses first in her bikini and then fully naked on the steps in the shallow end of the pool. Her crawling motion is especially sensual with her ass poking up just out of the water as she repeatedly crawls back and forth on the ledge.

In our Thoughts and Pryers. 8:32

Antonia emerges out of the pool to pose on a reclining deck chair doing nothing more than just exposing her pussy and ass to you in several positions. She is often in some kind of motion squirming around and often finding good positions to show off her body. She’s not shy about spreading her pussy wide open for the most graphic close up views.

The Passion of the Cries. 8:17

Antonia uses a slim vibrating dildo while lying back on the chair beside the pool. She eventually finds an excellent position lying on her side with one leg raised exposing her entire underside to excellent light as she brings the scene to a shuddering climax.

Pourin' Again Christen. 2:31

Antonia is joined by Satin in this clip to assist in giving her a quick pussy and ass rinse dumping multiple jugs of water all over her ass. The close up bend over view is pretty awesome with beautiful feminine assets well exposed to the light and streams of water glistening in the sun.