1169 Cassidy Banks

1170 Regina

1171 Lorena Garcia

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Mauve Black a bit. 19:03

Regina’s toned body is slightly on the muscular side but still having nice feminine curves around the butt. She’s in her bra and panties for a while but most of this is all nude posing. There’s lots of bend over shots displaying a very tidy undercarriage and some tight twerking motion from time to time. It’s quite a treat when she settles lying on the bed offering up her bare pussy and ass for a long and detailed ogle straight up her bottom end. There’s not a follicle in sight with near flawless skin and nothing but girlie bits packed into your full field of view.

Some Purple are Dicks. ITC Favorite 13:21

Regina starts pretty slowly with the big purple rubber dildo. The insertion action is especially pretty when she pulls her knees up to her chest letting her butt curves bulge out in the foreground. The position is a feast of beautiful curves amidst the slow sexy fucking action. She later squats on the floor leaning back against the bed to continue the toy fucking. Once again the position gives an awesome ass view this time with pussy juice gradually dripping down her ass crack. The action picks up quite nicely with increased fucking speed and some nice squirming motion gradually bringing it to a climax. We can’t say that there’s really any orgasm but the view and the insertion are particularly nice throughout.

Poking Fun and Lavender Ass off. 9:38

Regina has a bit of a poke around up her ass first with her finger and then with a string of beads going up her ass. The close up butt crack shots are really crisp with amazing detail in her most intimate parts. She stuffs the beads up her ass two times and not a single detail is missed as she pulls them out of her ass. Her positions with her ass thrust up in the air are especially convenient for a revealing gaze straight up her rear end.