1166 Kenna James

1167 Tracy Delicious

1168 Vanessa Veracruz & Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Shot in a setting worthy of a James Bond movie this location was particularly bright under brilliant blue skies with reflective white surfaces around resulting in excellent lighting and clarity. The one downside being that the model squints a lot as we tried to avoid hiding her face behind sunglasses.

Scene 1

Jeans Blond. 16:50

Tracy’s jean shorts are quite unique with a noticeably high waistline. At first glance they cover quite a lot but things look substantially more revealing when she tugs them up allowing a good amount of ass cheek to spill out. The jean shorts look especially good when she bends over with her ass in the air. A reverse camera angle shows an interesting angle on her curves from above and also a jaw dropping scenic background behind our primary shooting position. The jean short come off half way through this clip revealing a very nice silky pair of panties with amazing full curves spilling out around the butt. The panties come down around the thighs with a couple of minutes remaining exposing her spectacularly curvy and voluptuous naked undercarriage for the first time.

A Bummed Girl. 11:26

With Tracy now fully nude she just shows off her sexy body with plenty of attention on her obvious best asset - her voluptuous rear end. Her bend over posing in the latter portions is certainly a highlight with amazing curves being beautifully displayed. The clip ends with a reverse angle view with Tracy standing against the railing during which you will more likely be looking at the very distracting background.

Purple Member. 11:14

Tracy uses a purple rubber dildo in this masturbation scene with several positions including lying on her back, doggy style and lying on her front with the legs wide open. It takes a bit of time to get much real momentum going but the position lying on her front gives a great view up her squirming ass once she gets going.

Moon Raker. ITC Favorite 13:22

The same big purple dildo now finds it’s way up her ass and produces the most graphic ass views of the full scene and perhaps of the entire site. We don’t typically shoot much anal gaping but there’s lots of it here. Every time the toy comes out of her ass her ass hole gapes wide open. Much of the clip is just slow insertions and gaping but she does end up fucking her ass quite enthusiastically for a little while. In the last couple of minutes she just uses one finger dabbling up her ass while we get some beautiful close up bum crack shots.