1167 Tracy Delicious

1168 Vanessa Veracruz & Gina Valentina

1169 Cassidy Banks

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

The Preliminary Rounds. 6:52

This girl/girl video actually starts with a solo clip with both girls doing a little bit of solo posing one at a time. It’s a good chance to admire panties and butts without heads and hands in the way.

Getting off to a Slow Start. 20:27

Gina takes her time admiring Vanessa’s butt just feeling around her ass and crotch and occasionally sticking her face up the crack for a quick lick with the panties still on. Perhaps the inexperience of the 18 year old girl shows a bit as she cautiously and gradually gets into the lesbian action. By the midway point she has her face buried right up Vanessa’s ass crack slowly eating her ass out. Most of the clip is ass licking but Vanessa ends up lying on her back for a quick pussy licking.

The Main Event. 14:55

The action is reversed now with Gina’s ass and pussy getting all the attention. There’s a quick panty tease to start and a pretty nice first look at her bare pussy and ass with the panties pulled down around her thighs revealing some gorgeous assets. Then Vanessa gets into some serious ass licking eating her out from above and behind so as to not obscure any of the view up Gina’s beautiful ass. There’s lots of dribbling, butt hole licking and pussy rubbing all at the same time. Vanessa then moves between Gina’s legs for an enthusiastic feast all up and down the length of her pussy slit and ass crack. Gina also ends up lying on her back for a decent pussy licking to bring the scene to a climax. The most notable thing in this scene is the beauty and perfection of Gina’s gorgeous pussy and ass which is usually well exposed in spite of Vanessa have her face right in there most of the time.

Bob and Weave. 3:28

We have a brief interlude from the lesbian action for a little bit of synchronized posing. The entire clip features lots of ass views with two butts side by side in positions bending over, squatting and lying on their fronts.

An Intentional Head Butt. 8:30

This encore has a quick bit of tribbing action to start with Vanessa grinding her pussy right on Gina’s pussy. They then take turns sitting on each other faces. The squatting position displays some beautiful curves in the girl’s figures and also has some really sexy action with curvy butts each squirming right on the other girls face.