1165 Sara Luvv

1166 Kenna James

1167 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Strolling a Lawn. 6:45

Kenna’s video starts with a little walking clip showing her figure in motion on a grass surface. At first she wears her knitted bikini and then she does it naked. There’s a good amount of distant full body shots to take in her considerable feminine curves as well as a few very nice close up perspectives following close behind her.

You Wet your Shelf. ITC Favorite 15:13

Now with the knitted bikini back on Kenna takes her time teasing you in the shallow section of the pool. The video quality is excellent with vibrant colours under brilliant blue skies. Her bikini comes off relatively early on leaving plenty of time to ogle her bare naked assets. She is clearly having a very relaxing and enjoyable time in an ideal setting with peaceful waters taking the edge off of a blistering hot day. There are the usual close up shots with pussy and ass in your face but not all the time as we often do. A little more time is spent admiring the overall picture as seems more appropriate to her chilled out state of being. The ambience of the scene takes over and you will feel like you are right in the pool with her.

Kenna Get a Glass off Water. 6:42

Now lying back on a reclining deck chair in the pool Kenna uses a glass dildo to fuck herself. Her pussy opens up quite nicely as the toy comes out of her pussy from time to time.

Pool itsa Pries. 3:45

With the toy now finished Kenna just spreads her pussy open with two hands. She gets a really decent pussy gape although the light doesn’t really reach all the way inside her vagina. This improves somewhat as the scene progresses and it’s still a pretty decent clip for gaping vagina fans.

Catch my Drift. 7:35

It’s back to the relaxing mood in the pool with Kenna now chilling out on a foam floating mattress. She mostly just drifts around lying on her front with her ass thrust up in the air. The butt shots are the highlight of this clip with a mix of close up and full body shots. Towards the end she sits more upright straddling the mattress and also give a very nice bend over view.