1157 Aria Alexander

1158 Sabrina Banks

1159 Alyssa Reece

Shoot Location: Punakaiki, New Zealand

Scene 1

Get Shore Tease. 10:28

Our often elegant villa locations take a back seat as this video finds us at a very basic but characteristic old shack beside the sea on the remote west coast of New Zealand. The crashing waves are very close by and dominate the audio throughout. Sabrina’s jean shorts get a lot of attention at the beginning with her shapely bits quite obviously showing through. With her short then off she gives quite a few sneak peeks at her bare pussy and ass with her thong panties pulled aside.

Crack Shack. ITC Favorite 14:47

Sabrina is now bottomless and spends this entire clip thrusting her private areas out in the open as much as possible with a multitude of different poses. She really does have a spectacularly shapely undercarriage that is well displayed from start to finish. Her bend over posing packs a wallop both kneeling and standing. There are several extended moments of spread pussy letting you look up into the rippling walls of her gaping vagina. The clip ends with a little episode of tit fondling in standing and bend over positions.

Off Shore Bank Deposit. 7:51

Sabrina uses a smooth little vibrating dildo while leaning back in the chair. There’s plenty of pussy juice flowing down over her ass in the beginning stages of this video. Her climax is certainly enthusiastic with lots of quivering action.

She Shows she Shall by the Sea Shore. 2:54

This short postlude is mostly just lots of pussy spreading to show off her freshly fucked vagina. She also spreads her ass while leaning back with her knees up to her chest and her butt hole also gapes just a little bit.