1158 Sabrina Banks

1159 Alyssa Reece

1160 Tomi Taylor

Shoot Location: Nanaimo, Canada

Scene 1

Abstraction of Just Ass. 13:52

This video is a nice tease for those who like thick bottom end curves. When her dress slides up over her ass she reveals a very healthy looking full set of cheeks with just a lacy yellow/green thong hiding the naughty bits.

Paddington Bare. 6:44

With the panties now off it is full time butt worship with thick butt curves bending over in your face and showing off in both kneeling and standing positions. Her butt spreading also makes the vagina open up a little bit. There’s a lot of ass to enjoy here with some weighty jiggles and thick padding while not being the slightest bit flabby.

A Brush with the Low. 14:59

Alyssa uses her make up brush to apply powder on her ass and then she uses it as a sex toy. There’s a fairly extended segment of simple butt spreading before she gets into a bit of anal action with the brush handle going up her ass. Her position lying on her side through much of this clip really gets her big butt curves out in the open. She spends a bit of time bending over with the brush lodged up her ass hands free. She ends up lying on her front with the legs wide open giving a decent view straight up her voluptuous butt crack while dabbling the brush up her ass.

Reece's Pieces. 5:59

Alyssa suddenly becomes quite talkative in this speculum scene. It’s generally quite typical porno dirty talk broken by one brief bit of giggliness.