1156 Veronica Rodriguez

1157 Aria Alexander

1158 Sabrina Banks

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Aria Flirty One 10:56

Aria is pretty flirty with her loose flowing skirt without any panties on underneath. She frequently twirls around and flips it up revealing the nudity underneath. Before long she has her spread pussy and ass parked on top of your face with nothing left to the imagination. She talks to you quite a bit in an especially sultry voice. She ends up on top of the table lying back with a big powerful vibrator to work herself up to a quick and noisy climax. Not a single item of clothing comes off in this video but regardless all the critical girlie bits are right out in the open through almost all of it.

Scene 2

Your Fly is Down. 8:18

Aria is really talkative at the beginning of this video but soon calms down and does a little strip tease from her jean shorts, panties and crop top. After a little bit of panty posing she gets naked lying down on the pathway. There’s a few tiny flies around that were unfortunately just as attracted to her pussy and you are. That aside there’s a number of very nice pussy and ass views to end the clip.

You Catwalk like Eye Can. 2:49

Aria’s sultry voice introduces this short clip and then she shows off her body in motion walking back and forth in the entranceway a few times.

Rocky Fountaineer. 10:04

The decorative fountain was perhaps a little too inviting and she gets right into the shallow water and eventually starts playing with her pussy. It’s not so clear that there’s a comfortable position to be had here but she manages to make it look graceful. Her pussy drips a little bit of creamy juices when she sticks a finger inside.

Aria Done Yet? 1:10

Aria takes a quick pee on the rock garden, ironically beside a sign that instructs where to pee and she does follow the instructions. There’s really not much pee and it’s over very quickly.