1155 Luna Star

1156 Veronica Rodriguez

1157 Aria Alexander

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Golden Rod. 10:20

Veronica has certainly got some Barbi doll proportions with long legs and a slender yet curvy figure. It’s displayed quite nicely in her form hugging gold dress and even more so once she takes the dress off. The panties stay on through almost all of this as we just soak in her awesome figure most of the time.

Slim Pose Abilities. 9:58

With all of the clothes now off the attention turns to her bare pussy and ass. There’s lots of rolling around on top of the table with some beautiful and revealing poses. Then her standing poses really accentuate the long legs and tall slender figure. Her pose sitting backwards on the chair is pretty awesome with the curves of her back well displayed. Of course we get the naughty underside shot of this pose but really it is the overhead and profile angles that impresses the most with a excellent perspective on her slim curvy figure.

Juicy what she did? 10:36

Veronica uses a vibrating dildo while lying on top of the table to produce a number of squirting orgasms. She takes some time to fuck herself first and then the juices start to flow. After lying on her side she gets up into a crabwalk position with her butt hanging in mid air to fuck and squirt away for several minutes.

Broad Walk and Park Place. ITC Favorite 10:37

What better way to show off Veronica’s immaculate slender figure than having her walk back and forth in the nude wearing only her tall stiletto heals. This walking video is a little more extensive than most as her legs, hips, butt and sleek form are impressive enough to warrant some extended attention. She walks back and forth many times and sometimes stops to spread her ass and park her assets on top of your face. Viewing distance ranges from full body shots zoomed in from afar to close up butt in motion views as we follow close behind her. There’s also a close up front side view as she walks towards you with the camera proceeding her. This might be one of the best walking videos we have shot in quite a while.