1154 Christen Courtney

1155 Luna Star

1156 Veronica Rodriguez

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Star White Star Bright. 11:43

None of Luna’s clothing items come off in this clip yet she does quite a tasty little tease with plenty of low angle views up her butt from below while standing and then sitting on the edge of the bathtub. You can almost see her pussy lips through the thin panty material. With the thong bottom buried in her crack you gaze upon her bare ass cheeks throughout this tease with her shapely curves well exposed.

Star Bathing. ITC Favorite 23:38

Luna gets in the bath water with her white top and panties still on. Being thin white material it almost turns transparent when wet making for a fantastic tease. You can easily see the outline of her inner pussy lips and clitoris area showing right through the sheer panty fabric. You’ll love the way she tugs on her panties making the transparent material slide tight over her pussy lips. She does a beautiful bend over twerk with her wet butt slowly wobbling in the air. Her panties come off half way through this clip and then the rest of the clip is mostly all ass and water. With Luna having one of the best butts on the site this is one of the best ass worship videos. Her bend over posing and floating butt tease are exceptional. There is an overhead view that is quite elegant and well executed with Luna on her back in the tub. At the end she sticks her ass up in the air and stuffs a flower up her ass hole.

Pourin' Star Experience. ITC Favorite 8:10

We recruited Kalina to be an assistant in this clip using a vase to pour water all over Luna’s sexy assets. The bend over poses are really pretty spectacular with Luna’s amazing ass curves beautifully displayed inches in front of your face and enhanced with streams of water cascading over her cheeks and her anus often flexing and winking at you. An occasional subtle butt wobble brings the curves alive enhancing the tease even more.

Raven Luna Stick. 11:56

Now sitting on a stool beside the tub Luna uses a big vibrator to get herself off. Her position looks a little bit uncomfortable perhaps delaying an actual orgasm but she does eventually get there after she changes to a different pose. Even when there isn’t an orgasm there still plenty of reaction with quivering and muscle contractions. Eventually she has a little squirting orgasm while standing on one leg.