1153 Satin Bloom

1154 Christen Courtney

1155 Luna Star

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

I Flossed my Way. ITC Favorite 21:52

Christen’s best side becomes immediately apparent as soon as she bends over with her dress sliding up over her ass. The thin elastic string of her thong does a poor job of hiding her anus. The thong panties play a prominent role throughout this strip tease video with lots of flossing going on. It’s not long before you are getting a serious eyeful of bare pussy and ass with the thong either pulled aside or buried right up her pussy slit. She really looks amazing in the bend over pose and we soak in that for a good long time. Later on her back she repeatedly flicks the panties over her thick pussy lips making them bulge under the pressure.

The Nude Testament. 12:24

The nude posing continues now without the thong and it generally becomes a lot more explicit with close up shots and spread vagina taking up most of the scene. Some of the extreme close up shots of her gaping vagina are very well lit with very clear views of rippling vagina walls filling your screen. When she turns around to the bend over pose her vagina really gapes open with views going virtually all the way down her vagina.

Porn Again Christen. 10:20

Christen uses a clear rubber dildo for this masturbation clip. The penetration is especially pretty with thick lips bulging around the toy as she lies back with her knees up to her chest. She then hangs her ass off the edge of the couch with her vagina dripping juices down her ass as she fucks herself. There’s a few nice spread pussy views at the end of this clip.

Everything so Crude and Holey. ITC Favorite 7:59

Nothing is left to the imagination in this speculum scene with very clear views of her cervix in the close up shots. Besides lying on her back there’s also positions lying on her side and bending over doggy style. The bend over shots are some of the best speculum footage we have shot in a while with a well lit vagina clearly visible while her face is seen in the background simultaneously. A little bit of vagina muscle flexing adds to the intrigue of the scene.