1146 Cindy Starfall

1147 Nina Sunrise

1148 Elsa Jean

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

I Nina by Sheers. 26:16

Nina has already got a great ass but it only gets better in a silky black pair of pantyhose. At first you only get a little tease of legs and ass hanging out under the bottom of her tight skirt. Later she removes the skirt and top showing the full glory of her shapely lower half in only her pantyhose. There’s a considerable segment of close up bum cheek views with her beautiful mounds undulating in sexy motions right in front of your face. Later as she bends over doggy style everything shows as the pantyhose have not gusset allowing all of her private places to be seen through the fabric. Of special interest is how she can deliberately flex her anus muscle drawing a lot of attention to her very sexy ass crack and bum hole. There’s a little bit of nude ass at the end as she lowers the pantyhose down around her thighs while bending over giving a full reveal of her bare underside in a rather compromising position.

You Cheeky Bum. 10:32

The pantyhose soon come off completely and we spend the duration of this clip admiring the full bum with poses lying on her side and front, bending over and doing the splits. Her splits pose really shows off the fantastic arch of her back with amazing curves around the small of her back flowing into the big bulge of her ass cheeks. It is interesting how she can bobble her ass cheeks around with a little bit of hands free muscle flexing.

You Purple make me Stick. 8:59

Nina uses a purple toy with the vibrating rabbit ears that wrap around her clitoris. For most of the duration she hangs her ass off the edge of the couch letting all the cheeky bits dangle freely in mid air while she fucks herself. After a while she finds the sweet spot with the vibrating head tucked up against her clitoris making only slight motions as she builds up to an orgasm. When she does cum she convulses into rather wild gyrations with her butt going up and down against the toy.