1145 Anita Bellini

1146 Cindy Starfall

1147 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Lessons in Vietnam Tease. ITC Favorite 21:05

Our most adorable Asian girl looks super hot in her elegant black dress along with her cute smile and perfectly teased hair. She really knows how to charm and tease with her sparkling personality. She talks to you a lot in this strip tease clip and half of it is in Vietnamese. The first view of her ass cheeks peeking out from under her dress is quite intoxicating giving a little taste of the delights to come. There’s some very sexy crawling motion on a long curved couch. Towards the end she slides her panties down just below her butt and she spreads her beautiful butt in your face.

Cindy Crack. 10:32

This is all nude posing, at first standing and then lying on the big glass coffee table through most of the clip. She has got a near flawless ass and it is beautifully displayed in poses bending over and lying on her front. We get some great close up ass crack views with some quite prominent ass hole flexing. She continues to talk to you throughout the full duration.

Hanoi Hulk. 8:59

Cindy uses a pretty big green rubber dildo while lying on the glass table top. She seems to have no trouble burying the full length of the big dildo in her little pussy. Her ass looks really good as she lies on her back on the hard surface while the dildo penetrates deep in her privates.

Little Shit Disturber. 13:16

Cindy moves onto the couch for a little bit of anal play while lying on her side. At first she uses her fingers to dabble around up her ass and then she switches to a glass toy. It’s shallow dabbling at first but the with lots of lubrication she finally sinks the glass toy deep up her ass. Later she moves to doggy style and finally ends up lying on her front with one knee forward in an excellent pose to show off her ass crack while flexing her butt hole.