1147 Nina Sunrise

1148 Elsa Jean

1149 Vanessa Veracruz

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Supersize me. 9:47

This is a quick but all inclusive introduction to a new model with some pretty obvious assets. She should be an instant favourite with fans of big pussy lips. She also has a nice dusting of pussy hair in this first of many collections to come. After a quick strip from her jean shorts it’s not long at all before you are gazing upon the thickest pussy lips you’ve ever seen. She then moves onto the steps and manually manipulates her big pussy lips while squatting over your face.

Scene 2

A Bulkan from Bulge Area. 9:48

This was shot one week later than the preceding scene with one week of additional bush growth. She looks substantially more sophisticated with her glasses and an elegant red dress. This is a more extensive tease taking a bit longer to get naked. The bulge in her panties is really quite substantial and there’s a little bit of pubic hair spilling out the side from under the panties. She does have a very attractive face and it is observed in a fantastic close up shot both with and without the glasses. The first bare pussy view comes in a beautiful bend over pose with her panties down around her thighs.

Hairs your Big Mac. 6:04

Elsa’s giant pussy gets a full inspection with lots of pussy lip squeezing and spreading. Her pussy is not so much like hanging meat curtains but mostly just really thick as she is blessed with a super voluptuous vulva area. When she puts her legs together her pussy bulges beautifully like a nice thick hamburger protruding out between her legs.

Juicy the Big Cunt on her? ITC Favorite 8:23

Else uses a very unusual dildo that has foreskin attached. It’s maybe a slightly awkward toy to use but what is immediately apparent is the nice bulge of thick pussy lips wrapped around a large toy. It opens her pussy up quite nicely when she takes it out of her pussy letting her juices ooze out of a gaping vagina. After she is done with the toy she squeezes her her thick lips together again while sitting on the floor with her knees up.

Gorge Bush is a bit of a Dildo. 5:26

Now lying on the floor she uses another dildo for another masturbation session. This time the toy stays mostly on the outside rubbing and vibrating on her clitoris. There’s a little bit of pussy spreading at the end of this clip.

Elsa Bit Scoop. 5:14

You get a decent look inside Elsa’s pussy in this speculum scene. She is really quite flawless inside with very clear and well lit close up views showing it off. The last couple of minutes of this clip is shot in the bend over position. The inside lighting in the bend over pose is not as good but shows off her ass quite well beside her gaping vagina.

Tinkle Twat. 3:17

Now outdoors Elsa takes a pee while sitting on some rocks. The pressure of doing it on camera inhibited her a little as she has some trouble getting it to come. However there are a few little streams that flow down over her butt.