1144 Rahyndee James

1145 Anita Bellini

1146 Cindy Starfall

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Short to Please. 10:14

At only 4’11” Anita is like a cute little fuck doll with some beautiful features and compact and tidy curves. This strip tease has her mostly posing in her jean shorts followed by a brief bit of panty posing.

Crawl Display. 23:20

The first look at her fully nude figure is quite beautiful with the full body shot showing off the lovely curves of her hips and thighs. This long and extensive nude posing clip has all manner of posing to show off her curves and underside. She spends quite a lot of time crawling back and forth over the full length of a pretty long sectional couch. In the latter portion of this clip she strikes a fantastic Captain Morgan pose standing with one foot up on the table for an excellent underside view. The front side standing shot gives a very sexy low angle perspective up the front of her body with a very flattering view of her hips and boobs. The clip ends with a rather charming face shot as she lies face forward batting her eyelashes and wearing a smile.

The Cunt Stubble's Beat. 12:10

Anita gets busy with rubbing her pussy in positions primarily lying on her back but also some on her front. Close up views reveal that she has a slight dusting of stubble on her pussy lips spreading out onto the thighs. Her finger motion is pretty compact and restricted mostly to just the immediate clitoris area. It takes her quite a long time to reach a climax and then it is questionable whether there really is one but she does get a little wet inside. Observant viewers may notice that her boobs look especially pert and beautiful in the background.

Pop goes the Wee Hole. 10:44

Anita’s anal scene is perhaps the best part of this video with some very interesting content. She has no problem stuffing a quite large butt plug up her ass sometimes letting it sit hands free all the way up her ass and other times repeatedly popping it in and out of her ass. If you are interested in sound effects you might want to turn up the volume to hear the suction pop every time she pulls the toy out of her ass, which becomes frequent when she build up the momentum. She quite literally fucks her ass with the butt plug in spurts interspersed with bare ass crack display and anus winking.