1141 Antonia Sainz

1142 Anina Silk

1143 Amirah Adara

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Sheer Shank Redemption. 20:19

There’s some pretty nice legs on display here with the added enhancement of some silky sheer pantyhose. She also has a really nice shapely ass that demands a lot of our attention. We spend a decent amount of time just soaking in her pantyhose ass as she slowly squirms her butt around making the beautiful curves ebb and flow. The last third of this clip is all nude bottom posing with the pantyhose pulled down around her thighs.

Posed and Beam. 6:35

Anina poses fully nude against a beam and then by the table. There’s plenty of rear end views and low angle perspectives. The butt cheeks are really nice and her obvious best asset getting virtually all of the attention here.

Anina get Laid. 13:36

Anina’s masturbation scene happens on top of the table and starts with a little warm up of light pussy rubbing before moving on to a big pink vibrating dildo. The passion is a bit lacking though it might be recommended simply for the assets on display. There is plenty of spewing juices and a little orgasmic flurry though it is clearly faked.

Anina get a Move on. ITC Favorite 8:10

Anina looks especially good in full stride. Her walking video is one of the better ones showing a beautiful figure in motion. The front side view is especially nice showing her beautiful curves, a subtle jiggle of the boobs and a pretty face coming towards you. Not to be outdone the close up walking butt shot is quite fantastic showing some of the sexiest butt cheeks in full wiggle.