1140 Anna Rose

1141 Antonia Sainz

1142 Anina Silk

Shoot Location: San Giovanni D'asso, Italy

The ambience of this scene is quite nice with the beautiful Tuscany countryside in the background and a characteristic Italian al fresco setting in the foreground. Aside from an occasional vehicle passing in the distance the audio is dominated by the sounds of a hundred birds.

Scene 1

Tuscan Teaser. 16:33

Antonia’s posing is really quite exaggerated and yet still quite slick with an ever present and charming smile. Her blue dress is a really nice fit on her but it’s not long before it starts coming off. With her panties down and her dress up she kneels on the chair forcefully spreading and thrusting her bare pussy and ass in your face. She spends most of the time showing off her assets with the dress still on but pulled up around her waist. The last few minutes is all nude posing standing on top of the table.

Diddle at Dusk. 4:29

Lying back on the table Antonia has a quick pussy rubbing session against the falling light of dusk. She’s a pretty brisk masturbator with plenty of squirming as she jacks her ass up and down.

Italy Fuckin' Awesome. 8:56

The masturbation continues with the addition of a big purple dildo. It makes a fairly nice gaping vagina every time she takes it out of her pussy. For a while she squats crab walk style while continuing to fuck herself. The low camera angle gets a very nice revealing view looking up her body with the squirming ass and pussy dominating the foreground.