1142 Anina Silk

1143 Amirah Adara

1144 Rahyndee James

Shoot Location: Zakynthos, Greece

Scene 1

Sea Shore is Sexy. 11:22

You are going to be a little distracted by the beautiful location for a while at first in spite of the hot babe standing right in front of you, though it’s not long before Amirah wins out and grabs your attention. As soon as she lifts her little dress up over her cheeks her tight ass will posses you with her flawless skin and well packaged curves. This was shot in the early morning to get the sun into this set with the reflected light producing a nice golden glow on her skin.

The Golden Globes Winner. ITC Favorite 13:50

With Amirah now fully naked we just soak in her bare pussy and ass for a good long time. If you like tight fit asses this may be the ultimate video with some truly excellent close up views up her flawless ass. The way she flicks butt cheeks beautifully demonstrates the firm jiggle of her ass. We also get right in to her ass crack for a detailed look at her anus. Much of this scene has Amirah lying on her front with the legs wide open giving the best view straight up her ass. For a short while she squats backwards on the edge of the table letting you look up her butt from below. Finally she moves to the edge of the deck for some standing ass shots with lots of butt spreading and some really sexy butt slapping showing a gorgeous little giggle.

Sun Buzzy's having Fun. 7:59

Amirah lies back on top of the table to get busy with a powerful vibrator. Looking at her ass with her legs up and out you may think she has surprisingly thick curves for a skinny girl. After a quick climax she changes to a crab walk position to continue using the toy and build to another climax. The position shows off her full undercarriage beautifully with some nice squirming and shuddering as she reacts to the vibrations. Finally she turns to lie on her front with the legs wide open giving an excellent view up her ass while she lightly rubs her pussy.

Outdoor Cervix. 3:44

We don’t typically shoot speculum scenes outdoors due to challenges with lighting. This is one of the rare times where it kind of worked quite well. You will see that her cervix pushes itself partway up her vagina between the blades of the speculum.