1139 Lorena Garcia

1140 Anna Rose

1141 Antonia Sainz

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

I'm getting a Rose’d. 9:29

There’s a lot of tight fitting stuff here including a curve hugging black mini skirt, full bottom panties that fit snug around every curve and bulge and hair pulled back tight into a huge bun. The panties may not reveal much but they certainly do bulge nicely around the fat mound of her pussy lips.

It's a Leather to Meat you. 13:08

With all of the clothes now off Anna’s thick curves and private places are beautifully exposed in a number of bend over and lying down positions. She has got a very smooth bottom with a nice full roundness of shape that is conducive to some pretty compelling ass worship throughout.

Does Anna Body give a Fuck? 10:10

Anna uses a pretty big clear rubber dildo in this masturbation scene, most of the time with her ass hanging partly off the edge of the couch.

The Rose Stroll Parade. 6:14

Making use of the largest space available to us Anna walks back and forth multiple times to show off her curves in motion. The close up butt shot is perhaps the best part although brief. There’s also one unusual segment viewing Anna posing overhead on a glass catwalk. There’s a few too many beams in the way to get a good walking video from underneath but she does wander around a little and it gives a really interesting perspective on what it’s like to look straight up at a naked girl standing overhead.