1138 Jenna Sativa

1139 Lorena Garcia

1140 Anna Rose

Shoot Location: Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Italy

Scene 1

She Smiles Good. ITC Favorite 20:16

From the neck up Lorena might henceforth be considered the most perfect model ever with beautiful long hair, a gorgeous face and the most stunning smile. Her posing is quite softcore, which she obviously excels at, with the sleek moves of a polished professional model. With the skirt on the attention is drawn to her long shapely legs. With the skirt off we give special attention to her unusual panties with lace windows in the back over the butt cheeks. In the last 5 minutes of this video she wears her panties down around her legs giving a little introduction to her bare pussy and ass.

Pretty Pre-dick Table. 14:32

This is all nude posing, first standing then sitting on the chair and then lying on top of the table. Her pose sitting backwards on the chair shows off the beautiful curve of her back with multiple different viewing angles admiring this before going underneath for the naughty view of her privates. Finally in the last few minutes she get up on the table showing off a very nice bend over pose and more.

Lorena Bob it. 9:54

Lorena uses a big black vibrating dildo while sitting and lying on the table. It produces a pretty decent little stream of pussy juice right off the bat. She spends quite a bit of time squatting in a crab walk position while fucking herself. Her performance in this scene could be considered much better than expected for a normally softcore only model.