1137 Aidra Fox

1138 Jenna Sativa

1139 Lorena Garcia

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Bitch in Heat. 20:14

Jenna’s bikini posing scene has a somewhat playful mood in the first part as she moves around a lot and even jumps across a series of beds beside the pool. She sometimes talks to you although it can sometimes be difficult to hear since the microphone was a bit too far away. She gets fully naked before the halfway mark leaving lots of time for nude posing. The lighting is excellent on her bare pussy and ass as the full sun reflects to fill her crack. Her nude poses are very revealing with several wide open leg positions including doing the splits a number of times.

Tan Trick Sex. 6:31

Jenna has a quick pussy frigging session while lying back on the bed. She also turns onto her front with her but pushed up in the air while continuing to finger her pussy. Later on she cools down with a bottle of ice water spilling most of it down her body.

A Sativa Buzz. 5:04

Jenna uses a big black vibrator on her pussy while lying on her back on the bed. She was aiming for a genuine orgasm but it apparently didn’t happen. We shot this scene in 100 degree desert heat which was not entirely conducive to actual orgasms but it does make her sweat a bit and the clitoris stands up at attention.

Pool your Shelf Together. 8:38

Jenna cools down in the pool with some posing in the shallow section of the pool. She plays with her pussy for a little while in the bend over position. Later she dribbles water from her hair down her back and over her ass. Finally she gets on the floating mattress lying on her front and sometimes sticking her pussy and ass out for optimal viewing.

Your Wall Cum. 3:26

Jenna has another go with the vibrator while sitting on the wall at the edge of the jacuzzi. Now that she has cooled down she gets instant results with visible muscle contractions as she cums.