1136 Naomi Nevena

1137 Aidra Fox

1138 Jenna Sativa

Shoot Location: Picton, New Zealand

The audio for this video is not the greatest having a bit of a muffled quality due to some aggressive audio filtering to remove the constant din of nearby cicadas. Video quality is excellent with full sunlight producing crisp details. Make up is minimal in this scene.

Scene 1

Is your Deck Hard yet? 16:29

Aidra’s loose flowing skirt is pretty awesome for upskirt views as it easily flies up in the breeze giving you are fantastic eyeful of panties and ass. You spend quite a bit of time looking straight up her skirt as she stands directly over top of you with the skirt fluttering in the breeze. She then moves onto the seat showing off her panties some more before removing them. In the last few minutes she is once again standing up and giving you some great upskirt views but this time without panties on underneath.

Watching Fox Nudes. 12:56

This is all nude posing with positions standing against the railing and then lying on the seat. We get some great underneath views with her ass spread in your face and also from the front side with her fat pussy lips hovering right over you. There’s a pretty extensive segment of boob tease particularly as she bends forward over top of you allowing her boobs to dangle and jiggle freely. Later she squats backwards on the seat giving you a very revealing view straight up her ass and pussy as she spreads everything open. She ends the scene with multiple lying positions giving the best view of her pussy and ass from all perspectives.

Deep in the Fox Hole. 7:42

Aidra fucks herself in the ass with a pretty decent sized chrome vibrator. In the first half she remains lying on her side using the chrome toy. Later she turns onto her front and uses just her finger in her ass sometimes dabbling up her ass and sometimes just spreading her cheeks open for the visual ass crack display.

Chrome Cumming Queen. 7:20

Now lying on her back Aidra uses the chrome vibrator on her pussy to bring the action to a climax. She is quite noisy and animated although the actual orgasm is not so obvious. In the second half her position is improved quite a bit as she squats leaning back against the chair giving a very revealing view of her entire undercarriage hanging in your face.