1124 Regina

1125 Nina Sunrise

1126 Abby Lee Brazil

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Eye Nina Strip off. 10:48

Nina puts on quite a delicious booty show in this clip and in fact throughout the entire video. Her skin is perhaps not quite flawless in this video with a few red spots but there is no denying she has really got the perfect bubble butt. Her skimpy lace panties cut a beautiful line high up over her cheeks letting all of her ass to hang out. You will be in ass wobble heaven as she picks up her butt cheeks and lets them drop and then again when she bends over with her panties down to slowly twerk her ass from side to side.

A Back and White Movie. 15:36

This is all nude pussy and ass ogling with a heavy emphasis on ass since that is her best asset. It starts out with an awesome bend over ass twerk with an unusual and very enticing circular motion. She spends some time sitting/squatting backwards on the couch showing of the fantastic curves of her back and ass. The very pronounced arch in the small of her back combined with the big curves of her butt cheeks make for one very shapely pose. Then standing up she moves around the room a little bit, all the while wiggling her bum around, spreading her ass and dropping her cheeks in your face. She has one very beautiful and jiggly ass drop worthy of extensive ogling. Finally she moves onto her bed and does a lot of open leg posing while lying on her front. We get a really nice close up view right in her ass crack admiring her anus as she flexes it in and out.

Gummy that Back. 11:11

Nina’s dildo in this anal scene looks something like a big gummy candy shaped like a skinny dick. The dildo slips up her ass quite easily though she also spends some time with it out just showing off her beautiful anus with lots of very pronounced anal muscle flexing. She builds up to a climax with some strong pussy rubbing while the other hand pumps the dildo up her ass hole. After the climax of the scene she lies on her front and uses just her fingers to dabble around up her ass. The last couple of minutes has an awesome close up anus shot with the camera right in her ass crack watching her anus flex in and out.