1123 Tracy Delicious

1124 Regina

1125 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

She's a Purple Pleaser. 8:33

Regina’s black skirt is quite elegant and yet super tight to reveal all the curves. Her ass really pops in your face when she bends over with the material stretched tight around her ass. She strips down to her bare bottom with a couple of minutes remaining giving a decent introduction to a very tidy ass crack and bare pussy.

Bitchin' Booty. 11:55

With the panties now off we get a good long soak in Regina’s naked pussy and ass with lots of close up inspection in several poses. There’s an excellent squatting pose with her ass hovering directly over your face. Her movements are generally quite slow and fluid allowing for a decent clear view of all the girlie bits throughout.

Black Cock Down. ITC Favorite 11:05

Regina uses a vibrating black dildo while lying back on the couch. Her pose with her knees up to her chest is quite stunning with big bum curves dominating the scene front and centre while the toy slips effortlessly in and out of her sopping wet pussy. She keeps this pose for quite a long time culminating in a climax with some very pronounced anal muscle contractions. After she is done with the toy the final couple of minutes takes a rather relaxed mood with some beautiful close up pussy viewing as she casually fiddles with her pussy.

Gaping Regina. 6:44

Regina’s speculum scene has some really top quality close up vagina viewing with very nice light illuminating the depths of her near flawless vagina. Notable are the additional poses lying on her side and squatting crab walk style.