1125 Nina Sunrise

1126 Abby Lee Brazil

1127 Josie Jagger

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

She Wet her Shelf. 21:54

Abby is bottomless almost from the beginning of this video and her white top becomes see though as it gets wet making this scene virtually an all nude scene. She spends most of the time posing on a shallow shelf in the pool showing of her wet curves. She certainly has some amazing curves to show with one of the most shapely figures on the site. She occasionally takes a few quick trips out into the deep water and returning to stand in the shallow water with her wet hair dripping all down her ass. The colours are somewhat subdued in this scene with the fading light of early evening.

Dusky and Snatch. 11:45

Now in the jacuzzi Abby at first continues showing off her nude body in a manner similar to the first clip. There’s a nice booty show with her butt cheeks floating up and down in the water. Then she gets busy with a bit of finger masturbation while sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi. The performance is nothing fantastic but visually it’s all very pretty as the scene progresses into the darker light of dusk. Towards the end the cloudy sky becomes almost dark with the colours of the pool lights becoming more pronounced and the night creatures emerging in the audio.