1122 Carol Luna

1123 Tracy Delicious

1124 Regina

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

Have you Met my Dotter? 10:40

Tracy’s big polka dot dress offers some pretty easy up skirt views from the floor angle. She soon lifts her dress up letting you admire her big butt curves with her red panties cut well up over her ass cheeks. The dress comes off part way through while the panties stay on through pretty much all of this clip. It’s a great ass tease for those who love nice big bum curves.

Tracy Curvylicious. ITC Favorite 21:59

Tracy gets up on top of the table and delivers a beautiful ass display in multiple positions. She performs a amazing and intoxicating ass wobble while lying on her front with her legs together letting her cheeks jiggle free in the air. Her pose lying on her side is absolutely brilliant with really thick ass and thigh curves projecting prominently to dominate the view. Later she lies on her back with her legs up and out predominantly exposing her naked undercarriage with her pussy spread open. Returning to the side position she manages to wobble her ass in this most enticing pose in ways that will make your brains jiggle with lust. She ends up lying on her front with her legs wide open wobbling all her curvy assets in the air and spreading her pussy. The audio on this clip gets a bit noisy as there is an open door behind our camera position with a raging rain and thunder storm in progress.

Fucking Delicious. ITC Favorite 14:56

Tracy uses a black vibrating dildo to fuck her pussy while lying on the table. There are a number of excellent poses exposing her pussy and ass beautifully while she fucks herself. She spends a fair amount of time lying on her side with one leg raised giving a clear view of the full crack and cheeks. She later squats crab walk style letting those big beautiful cheeks hang in mid air with little streams of creamy pussy juice flowing down over them. Returning to lie on one cheeks she mostly just jams the vibrator hard against her clitoris building up to an orgasm. Post orgasm she dips the dildo in her pussy a few more times and then just uses her fingers to spread her pussy.