1121 Antonia Sainz

1122 Carol Luna

1123 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Skirting the Issue. 18:29

Carol flashes her charm quite a lot in this strip tease video with some flirty smiles and beautiful posing. Her loose flowing yet short dress offers some very easy up skirt viewing both with the panties on and then with the panties off. The dress never comes off but you spend about half of this clip gazing upon her bare pussy and ass.

A Nude Interlude. 5:54

The dress comes off now and Carol initially spends some time just parading around naked. It’s not so much walking but just meandering from pose to pose in a carefree manner. She then gets on her knees on the bench and spreads her crack in your face giving a very revealing underside view. Her pose lying on her side is especially nice with big butt curves bulging nicely as seen from two different angles. She ends the clip wandering around again just as she started it.

Dinking outside the Box. 13:10

Carol uses a clear rubber dildo to fuck her pussy… sort of. It’s perhaps not the most convincing fucking action as the dildo never really gets pumping inside her with any momentum and spends most of the time on the outside. In spite of this we get some excellent pussy and ass views with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch. There’s a brief bit of walking at the end as she puts her dress back on and walks away.