1120 Mia Austin

1121 Antonia Sainz

1122 Carol Luna

Shoot Location: San Giovanni D'asso, Italy

Scene 1

Salmon Rush Tease. 8:08

Antonia is quite busy through her strip tease, always in motion with her characteristic style having some rather exaggerated gestures. Most of this is just posing in her salmon coloured lingerie though it eventually gets pulled down towards the end for a little intro to her bare pussy and ass in the bend over position.

Antonia Bend Bare Ass. 8:48

Antonia gets fully naked now and spends this entire clip rolling around on the bed showing off her bare pussy and ass. There’s a few significant moments of pussy spreading in this clip with a pretty decent gape. She strikes one unusual and very interesting pose propped up on her shoulders with a big arch in her back and her ass hanging out in mid air.

Turbo Twat. 5:19

Antonia gets busy with some energetic finger masturbation. She starts on her back but then spends most of the time bending over with her ass in the air. She is quite a fast masturbator with fingers eventually becoming a blur as she vigorously rubs her pussy. There’s another very nice pussy spread to end the clip with her gaping vagina in the air.

A Chrome Bone Player. 10:36

Antonia warms up for her anal scene by poking a couple of well oiled fingers up her ass before moving on to a chrome vibrating dildo. What starts out as simple dabbling action eventually becomes an enthusiastic ass fucking scene.