1119 Lucy Li

1120 Mia Austin

1121 Antonia Sainz

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Amazing Greys. 7:32

Mia’s grey cotton panties get the lions share of our attention throughout this strip tease video. Though the panties are not so revealing the poses certainly are as she lies on her front with one knee forward and her bottom end curves thrust up in the air. There’s a little bit of crotch rubbing through the panties though the panties don’t come off at any point in this clip.

Eyes up Pose. 13:11

Mia soon strips off her panties and we spend the whole clip just ogling her bare pussy and ass. There’s lots of bend over posing and squatting in your face with all the private places beautifully displayed only inches away. She is not quite flawless with a few little bumps but she has an otherwise gorgeous crack with a beautiful shape.

Austin Powers. 14:45

Mia uses a large heavy duty vibrator on her pussy to bring on a climax. It takes a really long time to actually reach a climax though it is clear that she is having a really good time right off the bat and all the way through. It’s not entirely clear whether there is an actual orgasm in this or if there are multiple orgasms or if maybe the entire thing is one long climax.

Shifts and Giggles. ITC Favorite 7:14

Mia’s speculum scene displays an immaculate vagina and cervix. There’s quite a lot of action involved in the close up inside shots as she gets the giggles causing her vagina walls to contract and the cervix to jump around. There’s a few less conventional poses in the second half including an excellent pose lying on her side and then in the doggy style pose. The side and doggy style poses really give an outstanding well lit view up her pussy from a mid range distance with her face showing in the background.