1118 Taissia Shanti

1119 Lucy Li

1120 Mia Austin

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

DD's are Awesome. ITC Favorite 20:05

It’s not often that we have a 20 minute video dedicated only to boobs but Lucy’s boobs clearly demand our undivided attention for this length of time. Not only are they her obvious best asset but it might be safe to say these are the best boobs in ITC history. It’s not often that you find double Ds that are not fake, have no stretch marks, don’t sag at all and maintain perfectly flawless skin. They stand up at attention and move with the most natural jiggle as she moves around. Her bend forward pose is amazing with her jiggly boobs making beautiful shapes as they dangle freely. The inverse angle is also absolutely stunning as we view her boobs from between her legs while she bends over. You will love the way her big thick melons hang and wobble freely as she brushes her hand over them. There is one brief diversion to see her ass but otherwise this entire clip is pure boob heaven from start to finish.

Lucy Li Based on a Two Story. 14:36

We realize Lucy is more than just awesome boobs and there are other assets to admire so she gets naked and we spend some time in her ass and pussy throughout this clip. It starts with some stand up ass spreading and a pretty revealing bend over pose. There’s a pretty awesome shot with Lucy leaning back in the chair with her legs spread in the air. She ends up on top of the table squatting in your face and then lying on her side with her butt spread in your face.

Li Dink to a Climax. ITC Favorite 11:22

Lucy uses a vibrating black dildo to fuck her pussy to a climax. She lies on the table top throughout often with one ass cheek lifted onto her side giving a very well exposed view of her entire underside. She gets quite juicy in the latter portions with a nice thick glob of creamy pussy goo oozing down over her ass cheek. It’s some pretty quality action with the views becoming increasingly more sexy as it progresses.

Goo'd Cervix. ITC Favorite 3:58

Lucy’s speculum scene has some pretty awesome lighting with her cervix very well lit even in the more distant full body shots. The close up inside views reveal that her cervical opening is really quite large with a little flow of clear pussy goo coming down from the opening.