1117 Lola

1118 Taissia Shanti

1119 Lucy Li

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Orange ya Glad? 11:31

Be ready for a total colour overload with Taissia’s bright blue dress clashing against a bright orange room. As soon as she turns around and bends over you see she already has a little wet spot on her panties. You get a fairly extensive intro to her bare pussy and ass in the latter portions of this strip tease clip after she pulls down her panties. At the end she stuff her panties up her vagina a little bit and then has a little sniff of her dirty panty crotch.

It's a Big Cuntry. 13:44

Taissia has got a really big pussy with huge pussy lips and big gaping vagina. It’s all well displayed in this close up pussy inspection video with plenty of finger prying and manipulation of her thick pussy meat. After starting lying on her back she then turns around to squat on your face, sometimes spreading her girlie bits and sometimes just squirming around. It’s a pretty explicit pussy and ass show from beginning to end.

Meat the Press. 5:59

Taissia now gets into a little bit of finger masturbation, first lying on her front and then lying on her back. Fans of big pussy lips will be fascinated with all the thick pussy meat getting mooshed and manipulated under probing fingers.

So Fisticated Lady. ITC Favorite 7:55

Besides having a huge pussy Taissia also has a considerable talent at fisting herself as she demonstrates here. She gradually works her entire hand up her pussy and then starts moving it in and out with relative ease. She does it in several positions and also gets a pretty decent vagina gape every time she pulls her hand out of her pussy using just one hand to pry it open.

Eye Deep End on Good Cervix. ITC Favorite 7:50

Taissia’s speculum scene features multiple positions and displays a really clean and tidy vagina and cervix. There are several moments with excellent simultaneous views of her anus and cervix together. She also frequently uses her fingers to manipulate her pussy somewhat as you gaze up her vagina. After pulling out the speculum she starts again this time with the speculum in her pussy sideways to show off the top and bottom vagina walls and pee hole area. She probes one finger up her ass and rubs her clitoris at the same time while her gaping hole is front and centre in the middle of your view.