1114 Abby Cross

1115 Jemma Valentine

1116 Sabrina Banks

Shoot Location: Nanaimo, Canada

Scene 1

Deer Valentine. 11:09

There’s an occasional bit of talking scattered throughout this strip tease video with Jemma eventually peeling out of her blue bra and panty set. In spite of the panties not coming off until the end you still get quite an eyeful of pussy and ass as she pulls the material to the side baring the goods and even spreading it open. This scene has one very unusual curiosity with a deer that just happens to be sitting right outside the window watching Jemma strip.

Yappy Valentine's Day. 10:36

With the panties now off Jemma becomes more talkative as she sticks her naked pussy and ass in your face. There’s a considerable amount of bend over posing and lying on her front with the legs open. She does a nice little butt hole wink and spreads her pussy from behind. Aside from an occasional full body shot you spend virtually this entire clip gazing straight up her bare ass and pussy at relatively close range.

Going from Digital to Anal Log. 16:07

Jemma’s anal scene starts with just one finger lubing up her ass hole and progressively gets more and more hardcore from there. She gradually adds more fingers until she is jamming four fingers deep up her ass and almost fisting herself. Half way through she switches to a big black rubber dildo and fucks herself in the ass deep and hard. Her ass hole gapes and flexes a little bit when she takes the dildo out. It gets a little gooey towards the end with lube oozing out of her ass hole.

Jemma Jammin' Some. 9:32

Now back on the bed Jemma has a more generic finger masturbation session to bring herself to a climax. She gets a pretty nice revealing position lying back on the bed with her legs up high and wide while her butt hangs out on the edge of the bed.