1115 Jemma Valentine

1116 Sabrina Banks

1117 Lola

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Remauve your Panties. 8:29

Sabrina’s silky mauve panties get virtually all of the attention through this strip tease video. The fit is especially nice with firm butt cheeks hanging well out of the bottom of the panties.

Tight Grope. ITC Favorite 13:00

Sabrina is completely naked now except for the shoes. This clip is almost non stop pussy and ass ogling with tons of bend over poses and ass spreading. She starts standing spreading her ass in your face and then moves onto her knees on the chair. With the tightest ass curves and a spectacular undercarriage she looks absolutely sensational both standing over your face and bending over with her immaculate curves thrust into your face. She ends the clip leaning back in the chair with her legs pulled all the way back and straight up in the air.

A Firmative Action. 3:13

Sabrina remains on her knees bending over on the chair throughout this finger masturbation clip. It’s a pretty enthusiastic pussy rubbing session taking advantage of perhaps her best position with all her prettiest places thrust into your face.

Sabrina the Teenage Twitch. ITC Favorite 8:52

Sabrina turns around and continues the masturbation with a blue rubber dildo while hanging her ass out in mid air off the edge of the chair. She has a few nice little streams of goo oozing out of her pussy and down over her ass cheeks through most of the action. The climax of the action is quite fantastic with lots of enthusiastic pumping and quivering. The ass looks really amazing throughout this clip with her position exposing everything and all the explicit details literally filling your screen.

Giver the Finger. 8:08

The scene now moves into the bedroom and Sabrina has a little ass play session on the bed. She just uses one finger to have a little poke around up her ass hole. She certainly knows how to stick her ass out in the most revealing way giving you a serious eyeful of ass in all of her best positions.