1113 Skin Diamond

1114 Abby Cross

1115 Jemma Valentine

Shoot Location: Herradura, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Cross da Rica Baby. 6:26

There’s not a lot of nudity yet but it is quite a sexy tease with Abby squirming around in a very nice looking bikini. She remains standing through most of this with a few very enticing close up butt shots in the bikini.

Abby Round Back. 11:21

With Abby now completely naked we just soak in her beautiful assets with a number of revealing positions. It is truly striking how well rounded her ass is, especially when she pulls her knees up towards her chest. With her silky smooth skin she is the vision of flawless beauty. The last few minutes has her standing virtually on top of your face in both back and front views.

Wet Nice Curves. ITC Favorite 17:49

The nude posing continues now in the pool, initially just squatting in the shallow water and gradually getting farther into the water. Many of her poses are certainly very flattering for her fantastic curves. There’s a heavy focus on bend over and ass up poses with wet cheeks emerging up out of the water. Several times she stands up and lets her wet hair drip all down her ass crack. In the last few minutes she goes to the deep side of the pool and poses on the infinity edge. Once again she repeatedly jacks her ass up all the way out of the water with wet hair dripping all down her ass crack. At the end she emerges out of the water looking something like a James Bond girl walking up onto the beach.

Abby Buzzy for a While. 7:51

Now back on the chair Abby uses a small vibrating toy on her pussy to bring on an orgasm. There’s some very revealing pussy and ass views first while bending over and then while leaning back against the chair with her ass hanging in mid air. You can see her vagina lightly clenching and quivering and there’s a little stream of pussy juice that leaks out of her vagina.

A Floating Moment. ITC Favorite 8:39

Abby uses a floating mattress to float around in the pool while striking a number of very alluring and revealing poses. There are all manner of poses but she spends a majority of the time on her front giving some spectacular views up her amazing ass. When she pops her ass out in your face it is pure magic with remarkable curves and flawless perfection.