1112 Goldie

1113 Skin Diamond

1114 Abby Cross

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Unwrap the Presents. ITC Favorite 14:22

This video is a great tease for legs and pantyhose lovers, especially after she gets on her back with her legs in the air as her short skirt reveals shapely thighs and rounded hips and ass emerging from within the snug materials. Her movements are slow, sleek and sensual with the nicely patterned pantyhose drawing a lot of attention to her shapely legs. There’s no bottomless nudity yet but this might be the sexiest leg tease on the site. You do see her pussy faintly through the pantyhose material as there is no gusset.

It's Kiss M'Ass Time. 18:14

Skin pulls her pantyhose down just under her ass allowing you to gaze upon her completely bare pussy and ass while still maintaining the sheer patterned material on her legs. She has certainly got one gorgeous silky smooth and shapely undercarriage and it gets plenty of attention in this clip with some nice bend over and low angle views. The pantyhose come off half way through leaving the rest of the clip for fully nude posing and ass worship. Towards the end the mood changes somewhat as she becomes more cheerful and talkative.

Michelin Accomplished. 10:28

This masturbation scene starts with a bit of a surprise as she starts singing “Santa Baby” before getting busy with the toy. Her toy is very unusual with several big lumpy white segments like a snowman. It maybe doesn’t make the insertion all that easy but it seems to work for her. The largest part of this clip has her bending over with the vibrating toy pressed firm against her clitoris.

Tub Pee or not Tub Pee. 1:38

Skin straddles over top of the bathtub to pee while you get the naughty view from inside the tub looking up at her pussy and ass. She wears a mischievous smile on her face through most of this quick clip except for when the actual peeing takes her concentration.