1111 Alyssa Reece

1112 Goldie

1113 Skin Diamond

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Fine Silver Wear. 11:02

Goldie’s dress remains on through much of this tease video starting with a little bit of crawling around on the couch. After some upskirt shots she ends up posing in just her panties.

Goldie Box. 11:05

Goldie removes her panties and her pussy gets spread almost right away. There’s some nude crawling around and then she parks her ass on top of your face giving a great bend over view straight up her ass from below. Later turned around she hovers her ass right over your face giving a pretty awesome view of her entire undercarriage from the front side. In the last few minutes she lies on her back spreading her pussy and we get some excellent close up gaping vagina shots.

Goes Buzzed Ah’s. 5:04

Goldie uses a heavy duty vibrator on her pussy to bring on an orgasm. Her position squatting on the floor leaning back against the couch reveals a lot of ass to ogle while she works up to the climax. The orgasm itself is maybe not so obvious but she clearly gets into it with lots of quivering and moaning.

Ass Pick of a Wondrous Tail. 11:02

Goldie lubes up her ass hole and has a little poke around up her ass with one finger. She starts lying on her side and then moves onto her front with the legs wide open giving the perfect view straight up her ass. The action is relatively modest at first while the ass worship is top notch with lots of close up views right in her ass crack and a little bit of anus flexing. Towards the end she starts rubbing her pussy while maintaining the position for a nice up the ass view during the climax of the action. She does a very nice job of thrusting her ass out in the open for maximum exposure.