1103 Tracy Delicious

1104 Nina Sunrise

1105 Rahyndee James

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

By the Sea Shorts. 10:46

We spend a good amount of time admiring the butt of Nina’s shorts to start this video, not so much because the shorts are anything special but because her nice full butt curves fill them out so beautifully. The shorts aren’t really that revealing at all but she certainly makes them look good.

Polka Hot Ass. ITC Favorite 20:25

With the shorts now off we give her pink polka dot panties an equal amount of attention with her full fleshy butt cheeks now spilling out under the full bottom material. It is a beautiful tease as she adjusts her panties tighter up her crack and back down to normal. She does a very sexy booty bounce while lying on her front with her legs together. She repeatedly pulls her panties down and back up giving you a little glimpse of her crack in increasingly revealing increments. Then with her panties down just under her ass she gives you a gorgeous extended view straight up her bare ass and pussy with several outstanding poses. Her bend over pose really thrusts the curves into your face. She certainly knows how to draw attention to her ass hole with some very prominent anus winking. She ends up completely bottomless giving some excellent ass views with awesome curves bulging in your face.

A Bootyful View. 5:09

This may be as much about the scenic background as it is the model as Nina just poses against the railing wearing only her top and shoes. Beside the predominantly full body and scenic views there’s also a very nice close up ass shot with bare bottom curves squirming in your face and quite a prominent ass spread.

Anus what you Wanted? ITC Favorite 9:09

Now fully nude Nina gets down on her front on the couch and gives you some spectacular open leg close up views straight up her ass. The close ups are simply amazing with incredibly shapely ass cheeks and ass crack and her beautiful anus getting lots of attention as it frequently winks at you. She seems to have the positional dexterity to be able to show close up ass crack views while still being able to see her face at the same time.

Eye Nina Walk. 4:31

Nina uses the largest available space to stroll back and forth while bottomless to show off her her bare ass in motion.

Split the Deck. ITC Favorite 9:28

Nina shows off her considerable skills at doing the splits. Not only can she do the full splits while sitting down but also while standing up. She offers up a very revealing pose while standing on one leg with the other leg 180 degrees straight up in the air. Even her not full splits are super sexy with one leg up on the railing thrusting her beautifully exposed undercarriage out in the open. In the second half she moves onto the couch and displays some more traditional side to side splits. The curves around her ass are beautifully enhanced with the full splits and a super nice arch in her back. The up the bum view is also enhanced with anal winking and a bit of ass cheek flexing with her two cheeks bouncing up and down one after another.

Doing Fuck Oil. ITC Favorite 11:59

Nina soaked her pussy in coconut oil for this masturbation scene (more so in the second half) making her pussy glisten in the light while she fucks herself with a toy. At first she lies on her back with her knees together up to her chest showing some beautiful curves around her ass. She soon moves onto her side with the legs open exposing her pussy and ass really well. In the second half she puts her feet on the floor and hangs her ass right off the edge of the couch giving a fantastic full view of her pussy and ass filling your screen as she fucks herself to an orgasm. It is a top notch masturbation scene that keeps getting better with excellent lighting, beautiful ass cheeks hanging in your face and a genuine orgasm to finish it off.

Glisten up ya Asshole. 5:14

With her ass still glistening with oil Nina starts in a beautiful bend over pose to fuck herself in the ass with the toy. She soon moves to lie on her front with her legs wide open giving a great view up her ass while she dabbles the toy up her ass hole. She frequently takes the toy out of her ass and winks her anus at you. There is no climax to the action as this is just a little dabble show with a lot of excellent ass crack views.