1102 Taissia Shanti

1103 Tracy Delicious

1104 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

Nude Green Ginch. 17:37

This strip tease is an amazing demonstration of a stunning body. Tracy has near flawless skin and an ass to die for with deadly curves and a nice little jiggle in her motion. The panties remain essentially on through the whole clip but there’s still plenty of bare pussy and ass in the latter portions as she pulls them aside and down around her thighs.

Delicious Presentation. 10:04

This clip is all nude posing with a lot of very revealing open leg positions. She is the ultimate model for full and thick bottom end curves and yet having no hint of cellulite. She has a couple of very small skin tags on the anus but is otherwise completely flawless. There’s a few unusual positions included in this footage including a pile driver pose and something else that defies description but provides an interesting and revealing view of her pussy and ass.

A Dick Tracy Adventure. 14:55

Tracy uses the clear rubber dildo while lying back with her knees together and up to her chest. The pose really shows off the amazing curves around her ass at the same time as she fucks herself. She frequently lets the dildo come all the way out of her pussy between every stroke making sloppy noises as it slaps against her open pussy. She later turns onto her side with one leg raised and then onto her front humping the toy between her legs. In the second half she puts her feet on the floor and hangs her ass right off the edge of the bed giving a very nice view of her full undercarriage while she fucks herself to a climax.

Cum to my Womb. ITC Favorite 13:13

This is certainly one of the more unique and interesting speculum scenes that we have ever shot. It starts out like any other speculum scene with some nice inside views of a beautifully flawless vagina. Later she adds a vibrator and actually brings herself to a genuine orgasm with the speculum still holding her pussy wide open. This is rare footage as very few girls can achieve an orgasm with an awkward and uncomfortable tool not contributing to the cause. We get the close up inside view as she approaches and achieves the orgasm revealing all of the inside workings of a female orgasm. You can clearly see her vagina walls swelling and clamping down hard around the speculum. She eventually squeezes so hard that she shoots the speculum right out of her pussy. The after resetting with the speculum in again she comes to an orgasm. The extraction of the speculum is also really interesting as you have an awesome view of the vagina walls closing in around the speculum as it exits her pussy.