1104 Nina Sunrise

1105 Rahyndee James

1106 Tracy Gold

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

That’s short of a Rip Off. 14:31

Rahyndee has quite the slutty outfit with a completely see through mess top and ripped off jean shorts with the butt cheeks hanging out the bottom. The colours are pretty rich and vibrant with excellent reflected sunlight filling every crevasse. The second half of this clip is all nude posing with a pretty firm and muscular body on display.

Two Toys in and One. 10:41

Rahyndee’s masturbation scene starts with one big dildo and later progresses to 2 toys simultaneously with a vibrator on her clitoris. She has a quite obvious orgasm half way through with visible contractions. Later she hangs her ass off the edge of the couch and she uses just the vibrator on her clitoris to bring on another genuine orgasm. Her position with her butt hanging in mid air is really revealing with her vagina hanging open and big butt cheeks dangling in your face.

I Cold for this. 7:17

Rahyndee thought it was a great idea to go for a dip in the pool but then realized how cold it was. She gets in rather gingerly at first but then there’s some nice booty views. She does a little twerk with her ass flapping in the waterline. Later you see her floating around on a foam mattress lying on her front to show off the ass.