1101 Antonia Sainz

1102 Taissia Shanti

1103 Tracy Delicious

Shoot Location: San Giovanni D'asso, Italy

Scene 1

Shanti Panty. 9:22

Thanks to Taissia’s unusual panties you get to see her big fat pussy lips before she even takes off a single item of clothing. As she poses on a flight of stairs we gets some very easy upskirt views with her pussy lips actually hanging out of her panties due to the lack of material in the critical areas. She doesn’t take off any of her clothes yet and in spite of this you get a very graphic introduction to her bare pussy and ass. Ironically this set is on the steps of an old defunct church.

Let's Meat in the Courtyard. 11:59

Taissia moves out into the courtyard and soon removes her skirt and top leaving on only the panties that cover almost nothing. Then squatting on the bench she pulls the panties down around her thighs and we get a pretty awesome upshot of her beautifully voluptuous lips and ass. She is completely naked for the remainder of the clip with a lot of outstanding pussy and ass ogling. The reflected light is especially nice throughout with beautiful vibrant colour and detail.

Shanti Freeze. ITC Favorite 11:31

Taissia got a little too warm during the course of this shoot so a little bit of ice cool down was in order. She melts several ice cubes on her boobs and pussy, even inserting several ice cubes into her vagina. This scene comes out about as good as it possibly could with some very interesting little streams of melt water flowing out of her vagina. There’s a few very nice vagina spreads with an ice cube flying out of her pussy. She handles the cold like a trooper even appearing to genuinely enjoy the sensation. Her huge meaty pussy lips look incredible with the water dribbling over them and all of her features glistening with detail in the sun. She ends up pouring the entire glass of ice water all down her front and over her pussy lips while we capture a revealing low angle view.

My Step Fucker's a Dick. 9:11

Now back on the church steps Taissia fucks her pussy with a vibrating dildo. She gets some very nice penetration action with huge pussy lips being parted in the most appealing way. You’ll love how her lips hang open every time she takes the dildo out of her pussy and slides it up and down in her thick slit.