1091 Lola

1092 Alexis Adams

1093 Anna Rose

Shoot Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Scene 1

High There. 13:19

Alexis poses on a balcony high in the sky against the backdrop of one of the most recognizable city skylines in the world. Her beautiful big boobs are perhaps the main attraction here as she spills out of her dress and flaunts them in your face for some time. She has a uniquely pointed shape to her boobs and a very nice natural jiggle as she deliberately flaps them from side to side.

Splitting Adams. 6:41

The attention turns to the pussy and ass now with non stop ogling of nude girlie bits. There’s a bit of spreading and lip squeezing with poses lying on both her back and front.

Nice Fuck in Penthouse. 11:32

This is certainly the highlight of this video with all of the explicit action. Alexis moves indoors and uses a slim vibrator to stimulate her clit and fuck her pussy. She spends a substantial amount of time with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch while fucking herself and building up a nice little stream of pussy juice flooding down her ass crack. There’s some awesome close up pussy shots at the end as she fondles her lips and spreads her pussy open.

Sky Dip. 3:59

Now outside on the balcony again Alexis takes a quick dip in a very unique jacuzzi pool that literally hangs off the edge of the building. There’s not a lot of action involved in this clip as the set was a little too public but she is completely nude through it all. In reality we’re just shooting what we could of a set that was too good to pass up.