1090 Josie Jagger

1091 Lola

1092 Alexis Adams

Shoot Location: Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Italy

Scene 1

Czech Mate by the Castle. 12:13

The ever perfect Lola makes her return after an extended absence looking slightly more mature and still flawless and adorable as usual. You get a substantial eyeful of ass cheeks and panty tease as she pulls her dress up over her butt and spreads and jiggles her ass in your face. There’s also some similar action with the panties down near the end.

A Hole Lotta Lola. 16:28

Lola’s immaculate body is beautifully exposed in this all nude posing clip with some very revealing bend over poses and lots of naughty viewing angles. She spends some time sitting backwards on a chair giving you a fantastic view up her spread pussy and ass from below. Later she lies back on top of the table with her legs high and wide open showing some excellent gaping pussy views. Her pussy is so smooth and flawless that she virtually looks like the mold for a sex toy.

Cock a Lola. 7:56

Lola adds a rubber dildo to the scene now for some pussy fucking action. Through most of it she remains lying on her back on the table with all her girlie places well exposed. The action is fairly energetic but the main attraction is really just the flawless beauty on display. Once again she spreads her pussy at the end for a very nice but brief gape.

Sauntered Castle. 6:27

Lola shows off her immaculate figure in motion walking back and forth beside the castle. The heels on gravel is perhaps not the most conducive to a sexy walk but she does remarkably well all things considered. Her charming smile never leaves her face throughout this clip and in fact throughout most of the entire video.