1092 Alexis Adams

1093 Anna Rose

1094 Blanche Bradburry

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Rump Rose. 18:21

Anna’s best asset is quite obviously her rear and we focus our attention accordingly through much of this video. The first half features a bit of panty teasing with the thong often pulled aside. The second half of this clip is all nude posing with plenty of bend over and open leg poses to show off the pretty bits.

Pillow Fluffer. 7:29

What starts out as just a nice pose at the head of the bed gradually becomes a humping session with one lucky pillow getting the full pussy and ass rub. Her kneeling pose straddling the pillow is especially nice for showing off her ass curves. She really gets quite into it with some enthusiastic humping and heavy breathing. It’s maybe hard to imagine she could get so much pleasure from just a pillow but it looks damn sexy while she’s doing it.

Heinie Ho. 12:35

Anna uses a small blue toy to fuck herself in the ass. You get some really decent up the ass views with positions lying on her side and bending over doggy style and finally lying on her front with the legs wide open. At the end she uses just her fingers to dabble in her ass hole while lying on her front saving the absolute best up the ass views for this final section of the video.