1089 Kalina Luna and Chloe

1090 Josie Jagger

1091 Lola

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Boudoir Booty. 20:59

New model Josie’s inexperience shows at first as she hardly knows what to do with herself but she looks damn hot in spite of it. She is perhaps one of our most beautiful additions with a face and ass to die for. While finding her way through her first strip tease she happens upon some excellent poses that show off her curves beautifully. We spend quite a bit of time admiring the fit of her panties around her crotch and ass before she finally peels them off. The second half of this lengthy clip is all nude posing while we admire her near flawless ass cheeks and pussy lips.

I Wand her Badly. 8:05

Josie lies back on the bed with her legs back and ass hanging out off the edge while she works a large heavy duty vibrator on her clitoris. Though she was trying her best to bring on a genuine orgasm it never came but there is some interesting muscle clenching towards the end as she reacts to the toy.

Pick Jagger. 8:38

Now lying on her side Josie has a little dabble in her ass hole with one finger. Her position is the best with gorgeous curves bulging prominently in the foreground to dominate your screen while all the private places are beautifully exposed front and center. Later she ends up lying on her front with one knee forward giving another excellent view up her ass while she fondles it. It’s no hard core anal fuckfest but it is a beautiful crystal clear display of gorgeous ass.

Scene 2

A Brand New Jagger. 11:36

Josie does a quick strip tease from a pretty casual cotton top and jean shorts. We get a pretty nice eyeful of ass cheeks as she tugs her shorts up tight in her ass. She gives a very nice bottomless bend over pose before getting busy with a few fingers on her pussy. Her finger masturbation is somewhat reserved with mostly just some light clitoris twiddling. Josie is more about the eye candy than the performance.