1088 Veronica Rodriguez

1089 Kalina Luna and Chloe

1090 Josie Jagger

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Lust in Paradise. 18:03

This trio of ethnic girls on a beach gets pretty frisky rather quickly. They are eating each other’s pussies and ass within just a few minutes and they keep it up through the entire video. They spend a fair amount of time daisy chained in a row with the girl in the middle both giving and receiving. Later they gang up on Luna’s gorgeous ass and give her lots of attention with plenty of booty shaking and and slobber dribbling down her ass crack.

Wave to the Girls. 4:27

The girls take a small intermission break and play around in the waves. In reality they still can’t keep their hands and tongues off each other even while standing in the waves. They briefly stand precariously on a rock while still frisking each other. It’s not particularly functional but interesting just for show.

Fisted Sisters. ITC Favorite 11:46

Kalina’s special talents are on display here as she bends over and gets fisted. It takes some time to get the hand all the way up her pussy but then she really gets it with everything buried up to the wrist and squirming around in her pussy. Then with a unique twist Luna braces her elbow against the ground to keep her arm and hand motionless while Kalina bucks around and vigorously humps her hand.

Chloe’s Encounter of the Third Kind. 10:26

Chloe gets her turn to receive all of the attention. She gets a pretty deep ass hole tonging with Kalina’s rather pointy tongue digging right up into her anus. Then lying on her back she gets her tight pussy finger fucked while Luna eats out her ass hole. All the action works up a little dribble of cum around her taint and then she gets a water bottle rinse. Near the end Luna gets into a bend over position and the other girls rinse the sand off her ass with the water bottle. The scene ends with the girls back in the waves once again.