1087 Mia Austin

1088 Veronica Rodriguez

1089 Kalina Luna and Chloe

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Do Some Thin. 11:33

Veronica’s slender Barbie doll figure is beautifully displayed in her matching bra and panty set with a tiny thong exposing pretty much all of her ass. After a standing start she moves onto the bed moving and posing in the most seductive manner. Even the way she tosses her long luxurious mane of hair exudes pure sex appeal. You could say that teasing and seduction comes very naturally for Veronica.

Slender Ass Lies. 8:00

With the lingerie now off Veronica just shows off her amazing nude body. There’s a good mix of full body shots showing her super long legs and figure as well as a number of close up views inspecting in her super tidy pussy and ass. She is really flawless from head to toe with impeccable execution of seductive motion.

Humpin’ Happenin’. 6:04

Veronica humps a dildo that is mounted on a base giving a very sexy reverse cowgirl perspective as she fucks the toy. Towards the end after she is done fucking the toy she pushes her ass back against the dildo to hump it without inserting it.

Veronica Rod Frig Ass. ITC Favorite 11:19

Veronica does a very sexy anal scene with a small dildo that actually looks pretty big in her tight little ass. She manages to bury the dildo’s entire length up her ass and properly fuck her asshole. Her position lying on her side gives a beautiful display of her curves with her pussy and ass well exposed. Half way through she turns to lie on her front with one knee forward giving another excellent view up her ass amid some beautiful ass fucking action. There’s a little bookend of finger ass fucking at both the beginning and end of the scene.