001 Kerri Ann

006 Lisa

007 Claire

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Country Girl. 17:37

Lisa strips from a pair of shorts and blue panties and Jills off while pumping her ass up and down in front of your face. Next she picks up 2 vibrators and sinks them both up inside her 2 love holes at the same time. She even slides them both up her vagina and spreads them apart.

Peeing in the Sink. 1:56

Lisa finishes this scene by taking a pee in the sink.

Scene 2

Buttman Shorts. 8:42

Lisa teases you on the stairs in a hot pair of red micro shorts that only cover half of her butt cheeks. Your gaze is fixed on the ass of her shorts as she walks by you going up the stairs. You watch from directly below as she wags her tail all over behind the railing at the top of the stairs. You follow her into the office where she looks at pictures of naked girls on the Internet and gets all horny. She decides to stuff a sting of pearls up her pussy and slowly pull them out standing over your face. You get a great close up view of the pearls snaking out of her pussy and up through her butt crack. Finally she sticks fingers from both hands up her vagina and spreads it so you can see all the pretty bits and pieces inside.

Scene 3

Yellow Teddy. 14:15

In the bedroom Lisa teases you wearing a lacy yellow teddy. She unsnaps the crotch and buries a fancy vibrator with rotating balls up her vagina and turns the vibrating tongue around to tickle her anus.

Sweet Speculum. 3:14

Lisa opens up her vagina with a plastic speculum to give you some spectacular well-lit deep vagina views. You get to watch through the speculum as she sticks a finger up her bum and wiggles it around making her pussy walls bulge. When Lisa pulls the speculum out of her pussy she can't resist giving it a lick and tasting her sweet cum.

Scene 4

Flavored Panties. 6:39

Sitting on the kitchen counter Lisa soaks her sheer white panties until they turn transparent. She whips them off and stuffs them all the way up her pussy so deep that you can't even see them when she spreads herself. After a slight struggle to get her panties out of there she grabs a wine bottle and masturbates with it.

Crack Smorgasbord. 10:33

Lisa gets up on the kitchen table and has some fun with some cream, tomatoes, eggs, and a Popsicle. She is brave enough to bury the Popsicle all the way up her vagina and let it melt out and flood her anus. You get great close up views in the crack as she slides a baby tomato in and out of her butt hole several times. Things get very, very messy when she cracks a couple of eggs and lets them slither down between her legs.