1068 Kalina Ryu

1069 Goldie

1070 Carol Luna

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Green Behind the Rear. 9:12

Goldie’s silky panties and ass get quite a lot of attention in this tease video with various standing and bend over poses. Her movements are slow and fluid allowing for easy viewing of her assets in all positions.

Goldie Box and the Free Bares. 12:39

With all clothes now off Goldie shows off her naked underside starting with some excellent bend over posing and squatting over your face. She slowly progresses through several positions and ends up in the best position squatting while leaning back against the chair.

Fuckin' Green Go. 8:39

Goldie’s green rubber dildo is really quite large and provides some very nice penetration action as it sinks deep into her pussy. She starts lying back on the chair with her legs up and then moves to squat with her ass hovering in mid air while she leans back against the chair. The second half has much less of the penetration as she then just rubs the vibrating head against her clitoris which appears to bring on what may be a genuine orgasm.

Pull the Goldie. 3:53

This clip is all pussy spreading with several fingers holding her vagina open. The lighting is especially nice in the close up views. Though she doesn’t gape extremely wide it’s still a really decent spread with puffy vagina walls seething and lots to see.

Scene 2

Watch where you're Step Peeing. 1:28

Goldie’s quick pee is done almost before we begin here. There’s much more to see after the fact as she wipes her ass and talks about.

Scene 3

Fancy That. 7:46

Goldie looks somewhat like a certain famous hip-hop artist at the beginning of this video. She does a pretty quick strip tease from her plaid skirt and black top. Her skimpy string thong is quite a tease in her ass crack and covers almost nothing of her pussy. You’ll love the way she tugs the string up into her pussy and flips it from side to side. The naked bend over pose at the end is pretty awesome with a nice pussy spread included with it.

Iggy Friggy. 5:14

Goldie gets busy with a little bit of finger masturbation while leaning back on the couch. With her butt hanging out on the edge of the couch there’s lots of pussy and ass in view and her vagina is naturally somewhat open through all of the action.