1069 Goldie

1070 Carol Luna

1071 Alexis Brill

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Tucan Teaser. 23:32

This video has a special Costa Rican ambience with the constant chatter of nearby tucan birds in the background of the audio. Carol’s movements are graceful with a genuine smile as she poses in and around the jacuzzi. After a slow strip the highlights come as she floats her ass in the water and jacks her ass up out of the water displaying her beautiful nude underside for the first time. She then gets up on the wall of the jacuzzi lying on her back and her front to show off her nude body. There’s some excellent bend over pussy and ass spreading with little droplets of water flowing through her ass crack. Several times she wets her hair and then stands up to squeeze all the water out of her hair to run all down her ass crack.

Carol Wands to Cum. 4:16

Carol uses a powerful vibrator to bring on a quick squirting orgasm. After only a minute of moaning and squirming around she lets go a nice squirt as she cums. She doesn’t stop at one orgasm and just as quickly produces another similar squirt to finish the clip.

Strut Slut. 5:16

This walking clip shows off Carol’s figure in motion with lots of flirty smiles and a somewhat exaggerated and sexy strut. She is fully nude through the entire clip except for the shoes. The action is seen from both front and back and from both ends of her runway. There is a little bit of close up butt with the camera following close behind her ass but most of the scene is full body shots displaying the full figure in motion.