1067 Tracy Delicious

1068 Kalina Ryu

1069 Goldie

Shoot Location: Dominical, Costa Rica

Scene 1

Ryu Looking at me? 17:10

There’s not much tease at the beginning of this video as Kalina’s skirt is too short to really be called a skirt and she has no panties on revealing everything the first moment she bends over. With her overtly naughty posing this clip naturally gravitates towards close up pussy and ass ogling most of the time. She’s certainly not shy about spreading her legs wide and gaping her vagina wide open with multiple fingers prying the privates to the maximum. Her insatiable sexual appetite becomes plainly obvious towards the end as she fingers her pussy as hard and fast as she can. She talks to you quite a lot through this video although the combination of her quiet voice and a distant microphone makes it difficult to hear what she says.

High Speed Down Low Dink. 15:30

Kalina uses a huge black rubber dildo to punish her pussy with some of the most vigorous masturbation action you will see on our site. She cements her reputation as an outrageous performer fucking herself with reckless abandon. By the end she is one big hot sticky mess completely drenched in sweat while slobber drips from her face and pussy and ass. There’s some excellent big pussy gapes at the end of this clip with multiple fingers prying her vagina really wide open.

An Exam in Asian. 9:28

Now all cleaned up again Kalina uses a speculum to show off the full depth of her vagina with a good mix of mid range shots and close up inside views. Her bend over pose in the latter half is especially nice with a clear inside view while simultaneously seeing her face in the background.